Services offered

I collaborate with individuals and organizations to address community engagement needs. 



Whether it's a meeting of 3 or 300 people, my facilitation style focuses on dialogue, deep listening, and group participation.

I am available for project planning, evaluation processes, stakeholder development, strategic visioning, and building healthy team dynamics. I bring a racial justice and equity lens to my work. I frequently get called on to work with teams who love to hijack a process, have complex power dynamics, or have some how gone off the rails of their focused mission.

I facilitate conversations about race, faith, gender, and politics with people who normally don't talk openly about those things. 

Facilitation clients have included:

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
City of Milton-Freewater
Energy Foundation
Lambent Foundation
Network for Energy Water and Health in Affordable Buildings
Alternate ROOTS
White People 4 Black Lives - SURJ Affiliate Los Angeles
Art 2 Action - An emerging network focused on the intersection of art and environmentalism

Convening and Conference Planning

You are a "community learning doula!" described one attendee from a convening I collaboratively planned. I specialize in immersive and participatory experiences that foster deep connectivity between attendees. If requested, I can design a convening with a focus on creating an authentic and engaged experience with the host city/community. 


I provide consulting and tool-building to support the development of social-impact networks. This can include: clarifying membership and structure, developing a shared purpose among stakeholders, and suggesting basic infrastructure that can foster a healthy network.

Training and story coaching

For arts organization and artists: I can help you develop strategies to link your art to different communities / audiences, including project planning for community-engaged arts activities. I offer coaching for artists on how to enter and exit community.

For non-arts organizations: I provide training and can develop strategies for you to use story to more effectively accomplish your mission. 


Participatory events and community engagement

Conferences, community events, parties and weddings all benefit from cool participatory activities!

Let's add some artsy spice to your world. We can collaborate on developing a community story play, multi-state or touring production, participatory meetings, interactive late night party, community festival, the list could go on!