As a creative producer, festival organizer, network convener and curator I program unexpected stories and connect audiences to transformative/intimate encounters.  

I am available for guest curator positions and supporting festival or network convening programming and planning efforts.

ROOTS Reunion Producer
Alternate ROOTS

ALTERNATE ROOTS is a service organization for artists and cultural organizers in the US South who work for social, racial, and economic justice. For Alternate ROOTS 40th anniversary in 2016, I produced a weekend-long celebration of ROOTS’ history for nearly 300 people, including many of the founding companies and individuals of the organization.

ROOTS Reunion programming included months of research and interviews with founding members, an original play commissioned about the early days of Alternate ROOTS (co-directed by me), two evenings of performative honors for 23 individuals, handcrafted objects for honorees commissioned by southern craftspeople, glittery pageantry for bestowing of honors, an outdoor barbecue feast, 5 participatory workshops exploring the history and future of ROOTS, and two late nights of cabaret, celebratory dancing, and singing into the wee hours. This programming also served as a frame for the largest individual fundraising campaign in the history of Alternate ROOTS.


2013, 2014, 2015

The Cucalorus Film Festival is an annual celebration of film that takes place in November in Wilmington, NC.

Director of Engagement - I have co-programed the VOICES Series. This series includes social justice documentaries that receive a festival and community screening.  In collaboration with Dan Brawley, I am overseeing the design and implementation of the Works-In-Progress program to provide a unique opportunity for filmmakers to engage in a learning community during the festival. Filmmakers receive extensive one-on-one consultations with advisors and experts from Working Films, Southern Documentary Fund, and Alternate ROOTS.  Filmmakers also participate in small focus group community screenings. 


2009 - 2013

As a producer and co-curator I served as the Project Director for the Network of Ensemble Theaters MicroFest USA event series. My role included both organizing production logistics and working closely with community members to tell their stories to a national audience.  

The first MicroFest series focused on ensemble issues and highlighted work in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis.  MicroFest: The Place Cycle was a 4-part national think-tank and immersive convening exploring and celebrating place-based work in Detroit, Appalachia, New Orleans, and Honolulu.  This festival/think-tank series highlighted the impact art has in revitalizing communities. These festivals were structured as durational performance/cultural field trips exploring how artists are using their tools to address community issues. Over 150 artists from across the US were featured throughout this series. 

Click HERE for information and articles written about the MicroFest series. 


CUrator / producer
Creative Convergence

Produced in collaboration with ClancyWorks Dance Company this was a 5 day event featuring over 100 local artists from Baltimore. Performances were hosted at the Baltimore Theater Project and workshops / conversations were held at MICA and local community centers. 



Produced in collaboration with ArtSpot Productions, Junebug Productions, Creative Forces, Mondo Bizarro, Patois: The New Orleans Human Rights Film Festival, NEW NOISE, The 7th Ward Neighborhood Center, M.U.G.A.B.E.E. and The Renaissance Project. This festival featured over 100 artists in 7 venues over 5 days.