I'd love to hear from you... especially if it's about:

  • Click here to schedule a 30 minute intro coaching session.

  • Click here to schedule a 50 minute coaching session.

  • Creating a project together!

  • Consulting or collaborating on: community story plays, multi-state or touring productions, conferences that need some artsy spice!

  • Facilitating 3 people - 250 people group dialogue. evaluation, or future visioning for an organization or community.

  • Developing strategies to link your art to different communities / audiences.

  • Training non-arts organizations on how to use story to more effectively accomplish their mission.

  • Coaching: Individual, Organizational, or Artsy stuff.

  • Project Planning and development for community-engaged artists and artists interested in engaging community.

  • Facilitating conversations around race, faith, sex, gender, etc. with people who normally don't talk about openly about those things.

  • Creating cool participatory activities for your conference, community events, parties, or wedding.


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