"Hopefully we are going to be able to create sane, intimate conversations in the midst of all this insanity around us."

PATRIOT ACT is actor and writer Mike Schlitt’s 47-minute comedic theatrical roller-coaster ride through United States’ history, from our humble origins as tiny mercantile Republic to the vast Global empire we’ve become today. As Tour Producer, I helped Mike find out what Americans really think about the state of the union, and facilitated his sharing of discoveries through public debate, performance workshops, democracy salons, and a live interactive performance of the show. We created opportunities for audiences to engage in more active citizenship, and to let their own voices be heard through art, advocacy, activism, and action. 

Written and Performed by Mike Schlitt
Spin Doctors - Mark Valdez and Michael John Garcés
Tour Producer and Campaign Manager - Ashley Sparks

"I went into this show anticipating answers, but what Schlitt's show does, what all good theatre does, is teach me how to ask questions better. Patriot Act reminds us that even when his 47 minutes are done, change is always possible, especially when talking about democracy." ~ Alexander Douglas, Theater is Easy

Premiere: Southern Oregon University, 2015
New York International Fringe Festival, 2015
St. Johns, Ohio City, OH, 2015
Asylum Studio, Los Angeles, 2015
Firehouse Theater, Richmond, VA, 2016
Ironclad Brewery, Wilmington NC, 2016
Le Cafe Jazz, Columbia, SC, 2016
Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA, 2016