St. Paul Plays - Director

27 (mostly) short plays exploring the life, letters, and liturgy of St. Paul. Over the course of 6-days Erik Ehn, Father Jack Bentz, and I collaborated on a development residency. We hosted a series of cold readings, meals, and devising exercises to explore a new set of plays about the Apostle Paul. The last day concluded with a staged performance / meal featuring an original score and potato puppets. Students from Boise State University, their families, and a few area nuns joined us for this intimate and messy performance.

The Saint Plays is a diverse collection loosely based on the lives of saints and biblical characters.  They are remarkable pieces of exploded biography that range widely in length, historical specificity and crypticness.  Placing the protagonists and their suffering in a modern context, Ehn creates contemporary fairy tales for the stage.  Each play is a contemplation, a vehicle for considering matters of faith. 

Development Residency Sept 1-8, 2015
St. Paul’s Catholic Center
1915 W. University Drive
Boise, ID

Written by Erik Ehn
Directed by Ashley Sparks
Performed by Father Jack Bentz, Father Radmar Jao, and about a dozen BSU theater students.