Ladies' Night - Instigator/Host

A series of actions exploring comfort, empowerment, and sexuality.

Ladies' Night is part of the Communion series, an on-going experiment that may lead to a large performance installation in the coming years. It may also remain as a serial (pun intended). These are small-scale edible performances for one to twelve people. Communion explores the relationship between intimate story exchange, eating, mediation, digestion, and whatever else I am curious about at the time.

PREMISE: An evening of women talking about their experiences WITH SEXUALITY AND BEAUTY.
TASK: share one of your mother's beauty tips.

New Orleans, LA
Collaborators: Francesca Mckenzie and Shannon flaherty

We used books about Storyville and performance art for inspiration. The women were asked to share personal stories in writing. One of the prompts asked about beauty tips from mom. The women ate a three course meal - for the final course they each received a hand massage / wash and ate homemade chocolate cake with their fingers.