Good old boys - creator/director

“What’s your definition of a Good Old Boy?” is the springboard for GOOD OLD BOYS (GOB) a performance and dialogue experiment focused on southern white male identity. As a white southerner, I’m curious: How is the GOB archetype (or political system) alive (or dying) in southern rural communities? 

The GOB research and development process centers on a series of participatory activities. This includes meeting folks where they are doing stuff like: sittin' a spell in gas stations at 5am and mechanic shops after hours, audio recording interviews, inviting grown folks to play with remote control cars,  and viewing parties to watch the Dukes of Hazzard and talk about the politics of the show. 

The performance will include original old time music and characters inspired by the Dukes of Hazzard hosting an event that fuses live action roleplay, forum theater, and a remote control car race. Designed as a portable show to tour easily, performances will happen specifically for small, southern audiences where they already hang out: a 7-11 parking lot, a mechanic’s shop, Hardee's over breakfast, etc. 

2018:  Augusta County, VA Performance Dates September 19-22. Check out for full details.

Listen to an audio sample from interviews conducted in Virginia and North Carolina in Fall 2016. Music courtesy of the Deer Creek Boys