Flight - Performer

New Orleans based ArtSpot Productions and Mondo Bizarro present FLIGHT, a  performance extravaganza featuring performer-activated machines, film projection, song, and live theatre that explores mankind's enduring dream of flight and the unforeseen consequences of the pursuit of that dream.

The brainchild of award-winning sculptor Jeff BeckerFLIGHT collages characters and ideas inspired by the mythical and historical manifestations of man's irrespressible urge to fly, and by the all-too-frequent need to flee disasters of our own making.  Stunning visuals, live music and dazzling physical performances merge to create a fantasia that will encourage you to consider the ways in which the phenomenon of flight has touched your life, your city, your country and the world.

Mythology, dreams, and the consequence of flying was thematic fodder for Flight. Over 8 months we experimented with creating ‘bird-bodies’, honing the poetic pedestrian movement of standing in line at the airport, and generating haunting soundscapes to accompany Icarus’ fall as the wax melted from his wings. Co-directed by sculptor Jeff Becker and a choreographer J Hammons the live experience incorporated flying couches, a nest of epic scale, and airport metal detector gateways that become swings and see-saws. As a performer I brought my own ideas of the Superego as the driving compulsion to be air-born and get close to the sun. 

Concept and design by Jeff Becker
Performed by Bruce France, Kathy Randels, Ashley Sparks, Nick Slie, and Lisa Shattuck
Co-directed by J Hammons
Text by Lisa D'Amour and Lisa Shattuck
Music by Sean LaRocca and Kathy Randels
Production management by Selena Poznack
Photos by Zack Smith

An intricate piece of live-action sculpture ... marvelous mechanical props ... ghostly video projections ... fabulous costumes ... the ethereal score ... the quintet of energetic actors.  [This] action-packed hourlong amusement won't let you down.
- Doug MacCash, The Times-Picayune

New Orleans, LA
Presented as part of the New Orleans Fringe Festival

Tulsa, OK
Presented as part of the Living Arts Festival