Expatriate - Director

Expatriate, an explosive play with all-vocal music, is a seamless fusion of realistic scenes, dream sequences and live concert numbers, this energetic two-woman show explores race, friendship, desire, addiction, love and survival by Lenelle Moise. I directed this for touring in Seattle (CD Forum), Tulsa (Living Arts Festival), and Boston (The Theatre Offensive).  

Achingly platonic soulmates Claudie and Alphine are unsung musicians and longtime best-friends. Both wrestle with the addiction, abandonment and sexual trauma that run in their respective family histories. Diligent, dutiful, Julliard-trained composer Claudie may or may not be celibate while sparkly, indulgent Alphine has more natural star-potential and sex appeal than she knows what to do with. When Claudie’s troubled brother (Alphine’s boyfriend) Omar dies of a drug overdose, the mourning women flee to Europe to pursue their American dreams. In Paris, the two forgo fruitless solo careers to join forces as the sultry singing duo Black Venus. Parisians dub them “the greatest act since Josephine Baker” and they quickly rise to fame and fortune.

Written and composed by Lenelle Moise
Directed by Ashley Sparks
Performed by Lenelle Moise and Karla Mosley
Sound design by Mikaal Sulaiman
Light design by Billy Muñoz 
Production assistance and documentation by Vanessa Vargas

Available for touring, contact booking@lenellemoise.com.
Runtime with intermission: 120 minutes

2013: Living Arts of Tulsa (Tulsa, OK)
2012: The Theatre Offensive (Boston, MA)
2011: Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas (Seattle, WA)