Individuals Seeking Transformation, Growth, and Freedom

My coaching focuses on supporting individuals exploring big questions about career, leadership development, and impact.

  • I bring a racial and social justice lens to my coaching with clients to support their growth towards our collective liberation, personal wholeness, and accessing their own badassery.

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Team / Organizational Coaching

I support organizations and teams to navigate circumstances around race, power, privilege and equity. I have conducted trainings on race, power, privilege in various organizations and provide team and 1-1 coaching to support transformation. I also know some badass coaches of color I can refer depending on your organizational needs.

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Artists trying to get their shit together

I know you have so many amazing ideas and I can support you in bringing your work, your creativity, and the need to pay the bills into alignment. What do you need to birth into the world right now and what’s it gonna take to do that?  I provide tools, strategies, and pathways to support you in building out your badass super cool artist life.

Really, I just wanted to see how many times I could write badass on one page. If you are looking for a coach that doesn’t use profanity, I know some and am happy to refer you.

To book an introduction session to see if we are match for coaching please be in touch!